Lessons Learned from the Biography of Andrew Carnegie

You’ll have to pardon the brevity of this post. My notes are from a long time ago and they were not that detailed. Just a few bullet points

I couldn’t tell you if it was Andrew Carnegie’s Autobiography or if it was this biography but I’m sure both are very good reads.

The lessons I learned as they apply to business the business world.

  1. Befriend your superiors.
    1. Show them you’re a man of your word.
    2. Accomplish all that you say you will.
    3. Don’t waste opportunities from them.
    4. Impress them with your hard work
  2. Always have capital ready to invest with. You never know when an opportunity to buy something will present itself.
  3. Befriend all those around you. You never know when a personal friend will become a business partner or client.
  4. Always hire the most trusted and most able to serve below you. They’ll make you great.
  5. Have confidence in your ability to sell. Not through high-pressure tactics but through knowledge and character.
  6. Most business is trust in the other person with whom you are partnering with.

My notes only cover his early years has he built his business that eventually would become the behemoth U.S. Steel. I checked the book out from my local library and I couldn’t finish the book before I had to return it.

If you’ve read Andrew Carnegie’s biography or autobiography please share the lessons you learned below in the comments section.